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Why you should invest in a Green Roof.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In urban environments, living roofs, also called green roofs, are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to their economic, environmental, and garden-creating benefits, they can also be an excellent alternative for properties with a limited amount of outdoor space. In cities, land is an asset that is commonly used to its full capacity.

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Here are five reasons you should invest in a green roof:

1. Reduces storm water runoff

By absorbing and retaining water, a green roof acts as a sustainable drainage system. As a result, water runoff is reduced in urban areas.

How does it work? Water is absorbed by plants, substrates, and drainage layers of green roofs. As the roof plants use the water, it is gradually released into the air through evaporation.

2. Saves energy

Green roofs act as insulators, meaning they ensure less energy is lost from buildings they protect. Why is this beneficial? In the winter, a building or a room requires less energy to heat, and in the summer, it stays cooler for longer.

In plants, 50% of sunlight is absorbed and 30% is reflected, which aids in creating a cooler climate. This means the air conditioning won't have to work as hard, which equals energy savings! Additionally, since green roofs insulate buildings and increase the lifespan of roofs, it is likely that the property value will rise as well.

3. Boosts biodiversity

A green roof can consist of any type of plant, ranging from turf to wildflowers. These green roofs can be applied to all different types of real estate such as offices, homes, and new construction. The plant life that is included in the green roof promotes the habitat of birds, butterflies, and insects especially in urban environments which have limited greenery.

The green roof can be a home to many pollinators such as bees, which over the last few years has been subject to an alarming decrease in population. As a bonus, they also make the roof more habitable for the occupants.

4. Purifies air

The absence of plants in urban areas results in a high concentration of air pollution. In a city with high property values, there is little space for plants and nature to flourish. Particulate matter is removed from the air by the plants, and CO2 is converted into oxygen, reducing air pollution.

5. Extends the lifespan of your roof

Another great advantage of the green roof is its ability to protect the roof from the elements. It helps protect the roof against heat, sunlight, UV radiation, hail, wind, and rain. Research shows that the lifespan of a roof can be extended by 20 to 30 years with the addition of a green roof. Nedlaw Living Roofs

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