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There is strength in numbers:

As a member of the Nedlaw Group, Nedlaw Living Roofs is part of a construction company with a long history of innovation, leadership and industry influence. This is a clean advantage. Together, we're not just experts on every aspect of living roofs, we're experienced installers of all kinds of roofing systems. When you hire Nedlaw Living Roofs , you benefit from the combined experience and resources of three esteemed companies. 

Nedlaw Roofs is one of Southwestern Ontario's largest and most respected roofing contractors. Since 1988, we have served our clients with the highest standards in service and the finest quality of workmanship. 

Nedlaw Living Walls creates better indoor space by cleaning air with the same processes that nature uses outdoors. Our patented, active Living Wall systems use lush green plants and beneficial microbes to produce high quality indoor air, with minimal energy use. 

Nedlaw Group Headquarters
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