Research in Motion, Northfield Drive
Project Completion Date: June, 2009
Project Location: Research In Motion’s (RIM’s) new facility at Northfield and University in Waterloo, Ontario
Project Area: 9,300 sq. ft of flat roof and vegetation
Roof Structure Layers: Hot Rubber Roof with Cap Sheet installed with inverted insulation by a certified roofing contractor. Protective root barrier, MODI 50 drainage board, Enkamat 7020 Air Layer and filter cloth.
Soil Information: Nedlaw Living Roofs Sedum GroMedium, 6", 15 cm depth
Plant Material: NLR pre-grown Sedum mats
Irrigation: Establishment Watering the first week in mid June. The roof is watered by an external sprinkling system as needed in the summer.
Maintenance: Provided by NLR and included as part of a 2 year warranty.
Project Highlights: The first large scale Living Roof by RIM. Walkout patio from Cafeteria.
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