Reap what we sow
There is a world of sound reasons to install a NEDLAW Living Roofs™ system.

Environmental benefits:
• NEDLAW Living Roofs can reduce the cooling load of a building by fifty to ninety percent in summer.
• They reduce and purify storm-water runoff significantly.
• They reduce smog and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic benefits:
• NEDLAW Living Roofs can dramatically extend a roof’s lifespan.
• They decrease the need for costly repairs.
• They increase real estate values by adding green space.

Social benefits:
• NEDLAW Living Roofs increase living space by replacing a stark rooftop with a park-like green space.
• They brighten the mood by bringing foliage and flowers to a building.
• And to top if off, they look great!

Find out how science and nature are teaming up on a roof near you. Click below and read on.


Living Roof Thermal Performance

Habitat Creation / Preservation

Improved Air Quality

Improved Storm-water Management

Social Benefits: Improved Physical and Mental Health

Reduction of the Urban Heat Island

Extended Roof Life & Reduced Life-Cycle Costs

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